Marley Saluki 

Office Pooch

Marley- The chilled out canine of the office, unless you have food or are another dog of course! He loves nothing more than lounging on the floor or sofa, waiting for his next treat from one of the team.

He was rescued from Bleakholt Animal Sanctury in 2018 and has never looked back. He loves chasing any wildlife he spots when out walking, not to catch, but just to run! He has travelled all over Europe in his campervan and equally loves lounging in the sun (as long as its not too hot!) or frolicking in the snow.
Ironically, he hates travel, especially short distances and sings in the back of the car to make everyone aware!

If you pop into the office to meet Marley, be sure to bring a treat for him and he will let you stroke his long floppy ears.


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