Edie Whippet

“Needy Edie” 

Office Princess

Edie (EEEDEE)- As a petit Whippet, Edie maybe the smallest member of our team, but she is certainly not the quietest! 90% of the day she is happily sleeping, but if she slips out of her leopard print blanket, she will let you know, with a high pitch chirp! Ignore her and its get louder and louder, until you have no option, but to recover her.

Edie joined our team in March 2019 and quickly bonded with Marley, to become an inseparable office pack. They will hunt down any office treats or even lunches if left too close to the edge of the table. Marley grabs it and Edie eats it!

Edie loves travel, Europe being her favourite, the hotter the better. She was seen last year trotting along the cobbles of Lake Garda, showing those Italian pooches how to do it in her designer outfits!


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